Your Little Finger Reveals What Kind Of A Person You Are

As strange as it seems, the length and shape of your little finger tells a lot about your character. It sounds interesting, though, doesn’t it?

This method originates from South Korea and it is said to be able to precisely reveal your character, depending on your little finger. In case you don’t believe, compare the results with other similar techniques. Just for the record, the results are gathered on the basis of two factors: the position of little finger compared to the ring finger,  and the shape. Check it out and see it for yourself.

By short little finger we mean a finger which doesn’t reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. People with short little finger are reserved and shy with people they don’t know well. However, they are said to be friendly, attentive, and big-hearted. In addition to this, they dream big, but are usually afraid to pursue their dreams. But, if they decide to do so, they can get whatever they want.

Normal little finger reaches the joint of the ring finger and people who have such little finger are mature and balanced. It is very difficult to disrupt them and as a result, they are often seen as distant and cold. However, it only takes patience to reveal their warmth and kindness, which are rarely shown to people they are not familiar with.

If the length of your little finger exceeds the first joint of the ring finger, you have a long little finger. People with long little finger are enthusiastic, passionate, charming, and charismatic. They are constantly looking for attention and people want to be near them. Additionally, these people are talented but need to work hard to prove themselves.

If the length of your little finger is the same as the ring finger, you are hungry for power, ambitious, and open-minded. These people are full of potential and could be of great benefit for the society. Therefore, most of these people become directors, celebrities, or politicians.

If your little finger is low positioned, meaning its root is set lower than the root of other fingers; you are ambitious person who tends to daydream a lot. In other words, you are more prone to words and daydreaming than to actions and realizing your dreams.

People with little finger whose first joint resembles a rectangle and its tip is flat are said to have boxy little finger. They are sincere, confident and good leaders. Moreover, they are very honest, which is both their strength and weakness, making it hard for them to become friends with sensitive people.

People with little finger whose tip is pointy are great orators and exceptional in public performances. They are also very eloquent and often very good writers. Moreover, they find it very easy to learn a foreign language and are great diplomats. Therefore, they have the ability to resolve any situation easily.

People whose little finger is bent towards other fingers belong to the group of people with curved little finger. They are pacifist, hate conflicts, and avoid confrontation. Moreover, they are said to be peacemakers with a capability of combining separate worlds.