Want to purify the body and blood, improve circulation, treat yourself and/or act preventively when you get sick with influenza, or simply improve your general health.

If yes, then we suggest you use onion coatings on the feet. These coatings were used by our ancestors where there were no drugs or any kinds of healing means.

You are probably familiar with the saying that everything “comes” from the legs. This popular recipe will allow health come through the feet, literally. In order to achieve practicing this method you will need an onion, transparent foil and warm socks.

If you want to purify the body, improve circulation and act natural and antibacterial, and not to take medicine for it, then you just need to cut onions into thin circles and wait a few minutes to let the juice appear. Then you need to place the onion on the feet, wrap them with transparent foil and put on some thick socks. You can put on wool socks in order to allow better warmth of the feet. The foil will serve to hold the onion firmly attached to the feet and will prevent spread of unpleasant smell around the house. The initial method did not include a transparent foil. Instead, the wool socks are directly put on the onion slices. If you are sensitive and onions erode your feet then you can mash them with oily cream or almond oil. This method should be applied at night before sleeping so the coating acts overnight. The key ingredients of the onions will penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream and thus will purify your blood. It acts antibacterial, will improve the blood circulation, and will draw impurities from the body.

It is recommended to use homegrown hot onion; the hotter the better because there hides the secret to onion’s healing abilities. In the morning when you get up, remove the onions, wash your feet with cold water and then put on wool socks in order to warm them up. The blood will start to circulate rapidly and will reach even the smallest blood veins. This is especially useful for those who have poor circulation and diabetes.

This method is recommended for all who have health problems, but it can also be used by perfectly healthy people. Try the method when you have a cold, flu, inflammation of the lungs or throat or fever. You will feel significant improvement the next day. When it comes to fighting colds and flu, use the method until the symptoms are gone. If you use the method for cleaning the body and blood, make sure you practice it from time to time.