You have to plant this culinary plant. You have no idea how HEALING is!

The scent of rosemary will immediately remind you of the sea, relaxation and delicious food, as almost every Mediterranean recipe contains at least one of his twigs, if nothing else, for decoration.

Rosemary is very widespread plant which is also healing and in the kitchen is useing for special aromatic taste that gives the dishes. Imagine a healthy grilled fish that you smeared with a sprig of rosemary dipped in olive oil. For a delicious lunch you do not need more than that.

His tiny needles are a real treasure and it blooms twice a year, and has beautiful blue flowers. It belongs to the bushy plant and its Latin name “ros marinus” that means sea dew. Like many old and famous spices, blessings rosemary was discovered by early Greeks and Romans. Probably you have been to a wedding where the guests held a sprig of rosemary as a garnish. This custom was taken from old England since there rosemary was a symbol of fidelity.

The healing properties of rosemary

Whenever you can, use the fresh rosemary in the kitchen. It is not hard to grow so you can always have it on hand.

Several studies have shown that it is important in the prevention of cancer and its oil protects the skin from melanoma (the most dangerous skin cancer). Rosemary is called the natural substitute for aspirin because it calms the nervous system and improves digestion.

You do not have to worry about calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

To 100 grams of rosemary is a 14.4 g of dietary fiber. It abounds manganese, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium, vitamin C, A and folic acid.

Leaves of rosemary and essential oils can be used in respiratory diseases or drops with water for inhalation. It is also used in mild liver problems in diagnosis and secretion of bile. Scientists have also found that inhalation of oils from plants and herbs can help improve memory.

Rosemary in the kitchen

In addition you can use it in various marinades, especially during the barbecue, your rosemary spicy and pungent flavor goes well with the vegetables, but also with the most ordinary dishes such as baked potatoes. If you do not roast, does not mean that rosemary cannot be used for grilled meat or fish, especially lamb. In addition rosemary will enrich the taste and variety of homemade spreads.