You Have Problems With Your Eyes, Eyesight Or Blood Pressure?! THIS HERB Could Improve The Eyesight Even To Persons Over The Age Of 70!

Eyebright, already known as Euphrasia, is a powerful herb which got its name from the Greek word Euphrosyne, meaning joy due to it bringing happiness through healing of the eyes. This herb is the best natural solution for eye-related problems.

The herb has been popular since ancient times. It was praised in a song called “Vini Euphrasiati tantopere celebrati” by the alchemist Arnoldus Vllanovanus, and the scientist Hildamus believed it can improve eyesight in older people. Today, eyebright is known as a cure for many eye-related problems.

Makeup and medicinal properties of eyebright

The herb contains glycoside rinantin, vitamin C, essential oils, bitter substances as well as Eufrastan acid. It can relieve eye infections, accelerate healing and destroy viruses and bacteria in the eyes, also relieving dryness and pain.

Eyebright can effectively reduce eye pressure and fatigue caused by excessive computer use and smoke-filled rooms, and acts as a natural substitute for eye drops. Here’s what it can help you with:

  • Eye infection
  • Allergic reactions
  • Iritis (inflammation of the iris)
  • Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)
  • Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
  • Inflammation of the tear ducts
  • Short-sightedness
  • Dry eyes and eye fatigue
  • Irritation due to environmental factors or prolonged computer use
  • Glaucoma

Eyebright is often used in homeopathy as a water solution with eyebright c30 that can reduce the watery discharge from the eyes which often causes burning and pain after light exposure.

Improve your eyesight with eyebright tea and compress

It’s a good idea to keep eyebright juice or a dry version of the plant at home in cases of eye problems. The juice can be an effective eye drop substitute – dilute it with water and put two drops in your eyes.

The dry variant on the other hand, can be used to prepare a tea. Pour 2 dcl. of boiling water over half a teaspoon of the material and leave it to stay for a few minutes. Afterwards, strain the tea and drink it.

You can use the tea as a compress as well. Keep it on your eyes until you notice its dry.

If your eyes are sensitive, dilute the tea with some water, and for severe infection, mix the eyebright with marigold, chamomile and fennel to reduce the symptoms and accelerate the healing. In order to strengthen your optic nerve, take some powdered eyebright a couple of times every day in soups or drinks.

Compress for treating styes

Pour 250 ml. of hot water over 3 tablespoons of dry eyebright and allow the tea to steep for 10 minutes, then strain it. Wrap the eyebright material in a gauze, then place it on the stye and keep it on for 5-7 minutes.

Tea for eyesight improvement

Mix 2 dl. of boiling water and two teaspoons of dry eyebright material then strain the mixture after 5 minutes to create a powerful tea that can boost your eyesight.

Treating other health issues

Eyebright can also treat bronchitis, rhinitis and colds, while helping with respiratory problems as well. It can relieve stomach pain and reduce the symptoms of hay fever allergy.

Eyebright can relieve headaches, insomnia and anxiety, and can reduce symptoms of nicotine and alcohol poisoning and reduce the dangerous effects of the toxins.

Note: never take more than the prescribed dosage of eyebright, and consult with your doctor first in cases of serious health problems. Do not use eyebright instead of eye drops if you’re a pregnant or nursing woman, or are suffering from gallbladder and acute stomach problems, duodenal ulcers and liver disease.