Why You Get Knee Pain? What Are The Diseases, Symptoms, What is Weight Got to Do With It?

If you sometimes notice difficulties like occasional knee pain, creaking of the knees, swelling in the area of the knees or difficulties with moving, it is possible that you suffer form arthrosis or osteoarthritis of the knee. The arthrosis is degenerative disease. It can be a result of too much pressure of the knees in the past years, from injuries, inflammation or unexplained reasons.

The knee is very complicated in aspect of structure and the most burden wrist and because of that this kind of pains are more often. The diseases is more common in woman then men and it can happen to woman over 55 years old but the first symptoms can be seen even in 35 year old women.

The symptoms are: – Weariness – Pain – Creaking of the knees – Swelling – Deformation – Reduced range of motion of the knee. The pain is most common symptom who can indicate that the person has arthrosis. The pain becomes more intensive when the wrist is more pressured (running, playing football, basketball, ), when the weather changes and when you get exposed to cold moisture. The diagnose is based when a doctor will examine you, x-ray picture and with a laboratory result.

The treatment is individual: it depends on the age, the physical health of the patient and the degree of the disease as well.

The impact of weight for the knee pain The increased weight is not a cause for the knee pain but it can be an added factor for the pain. The wrists are very sensitive and with the overweight the pain can get much intensive and it can cause difficulties with moving. The reduced moving of the person contributes for getting more weight, so the circle is reputed and it can result with immobility. For the person who suffers from knee pain because of the weight, it is highly recommended to try to change the diet and get more involved with physical activities that are convenient for the conditions of the his/her wrist, condition and the age.

Creaking of the knees in younger people

Medical gymnastics or other alternative method can be very helpful with treating this problem. The program of the exercises depends on many factors including the degree of the illness, the condition and the age. The main aim of these exercises is that the muscle of the upper knee straightens. The exercises are helping in aspect of keeping the right balance between the rear and front of the thigh.