What The Shape Of Your Toes Says About You

The shape of your toes can says something about your character. With this you can find out  about the character of the person, health status and the state of mind of a person. The fact is that knowing the shape of the toes or feet we know the personality of one individual.

The  three forms of the foot are: the Greek foot, Egyptian and square.

The Egyptian foot is one of  the most common foot. This foot is characterized with a big toe which is bigger than other fingers.

The Greek foot is type of foot that comes after the Egyptian foot. But here interesting is that the big toe is smaller than the second finger.

Remember the second finger  is larger and longer than all other fingers.

Square foot is  kind of foot which  comes last. Here is interesting that first four fingers are with same dimension.

Do you believe that shape of out toes says about our character?? Believe because  several studies have demonstrated the relationship between the shape of the toes and the lineage and that relationship shows that this is true.

If you still don’t believe than you must read the article published by Jane Sheehan in which he said: “This is the analysis of the structure, texture and imbalances feet to understand the emotions and personality of someone.” In The UK’s The Telegraph, it advances the following:

The second toe longer than the other

If your second finger is longer than other fingers than you have  leadership qualities. The most popular  people in  ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties had long second fingers. Don’t forget that this people are physically active.

A regular walk with a third toe that angles

As  Jane Sheehan says, people with this kind of toe, have the natural ability to deceive but also is very difficult to understand them. Also important for us is that this kind of person don’t have problems with legs. A person with this type of foot want to travel around the world and to find out new things, want to be on a first place for everything.

The little tiny toe

This person has a  childish character, with a great playful sense.

Many people with this kind of toe are  nostalgic and sentimental. To remind you that Hollywood actor Reece Witherspoon  has this kind of toe.

The little toe as an angle that points

Jane Sheehan find this style floor Indicates an unconventional kind. People who can move the small finger are people who want changes in their life.

The results from  research made by  Juan Ma were:

The human genome determines several physical factors such as skin, hair, eye color, the shape of the body and limbs, and so many other things ranging from baldness to certain diseases.

There are many other studies which shows that the shape of toes is connected with the personality of the person.

We can’t run away from this because it is true.

Think a little. Egypt is in Africa, so if you know someone from there you will see what exactly means Egyptian toe.

There are and other shapes of toes such as Hispanic and Asian but they are not n this table because people from there are  not the same as we are … So there are many other shapes of toes but they are not so ‘’popular’’. Juan Ma has a Greek shape.