What Does Your Forehead Size Say About Your Personality?

Every person on the planet is the same, yet different. Some people have similar faces, some have similar hands, and some have similar foreheads. There’s nothing strange in having similar forehead, and the size of your forehead can reveal part of your personality. Now, you will no longer wonder why you and that friend of yours with the same type of forehead are so similar. Here are all the forehead types and their meaning.

This is the most despised forehead, especially by women. It is big and often called the 5-finger forehead. The broad forehead takes a bigger part of someone’s face. Women try to hide it under the bangs, but they should instead be proud of it, as this type of forehead is a sign of high intelligence. People with the broad forehead are highly skilled and are able to complete every task on time, even earlier. They don’t need any explanations, and possess the 6th sense, sensing what can happen beforehand.

The narrow forehead is the complete opposite of the broad forehead. These people are very emotional and often naïve. They don’t use their rational mind and listen to their hearts mostly. They are loners, don’t like big crowds and avoid being the center of attention.

This type of forehead is called straight because of the straight hairline these people have. They are very straightforward people. They are so strict that they would neglect their own happiness and needs just because rules don’t say so. However, these people are gentle and dedicated. When they love someone, it is for eternity. They will keep a special place in the heart for their partner even if the love ends. This is why it’s hard to make people with straight forehead fall in love. You need to deserve it.

The curved forehead has a curved hairline. These people are energetic and positive so much that they light up a room when they enter. Everyone wants to make good impression to them. They are like magnet for happy moments and positivity. However, they can be hurt by people who envy their popularity and positivity.

As the name says, this type of forehead has the middle part of the hairline slightly protruding, creating two arches. This type of forehead is a sign that the person has a vivid imagination. These people are rarely with their feet on the ground because they find it boring down here on earth. They are dreamers, and choose their imagination over reality. Mostly, these people are artistic, often becoming actors, artists or writers.

  1. Fuji mount-shaped forehead

This is a forehead that looks like a mountain top, as the name suggests. It is a sign of a gentle and kind person. They are sociable and don’t have a problem working with other people. They are not leaders, but when asked about opinions they speak with confidence. These people know what they want and how to achieve it.

These forehead represents stubborn people. They will do anything to get what they want, not because they need it, but because they can have it. They have a tendency of being ironic, even to people superior to them.

Source: www.hotvivo.com