Warning Signs!!! Learn to Recognize the Signs for Poor Blood Circulation

There many reasons which causes and bad sides of poor blood circulation. We will tell you some of them in the text below:

1. Swelling of Lower Extremities

Many things causes swelling and some of them are: sitting and standing in one position all the time, high salt intake, malnutrition, obesity, aging, a sedentary lifestyle, premenstrual syndrome  and pregnancy. If you have swelling in your feet than immediately visit the doctor to tell you what to do to back the circulation in your leg.

2. Numbness in hands and feet

When we feel numb in some part of our body it is because of the poor blood circulation.  It can also be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and an underactive thyroid.

3. Cold hands and feet

If we got poor blood circulation  we also have cold hands and feet. That is because with poor blood circulation our body can’t normalize the temperature.

4. Persistent fatigue and tiredness

If we often have a fatigue and tiredness that is because of the poor blood circulation. This is bad for us because our body don’t have enough oxygen to fill the muscles with it.

5. Weak immune system and  slow healing

Poor circulation of the blood affect on the immune system and this is weakening our immune system. That is because our body don’t use the vitamins and minerals at a proper time. In order to boost your immune system, try to make daily exercises such as 20 minutes walking to improve the blood flow.

6. Varicose veins

Varicose veins appear only when our body has a weakened circulation. They often appear on legs. In this case veins are visible and we must visit a doctor.

7. Sudden hair loss

If you start to lose your hair and you still don’t know the reason, firstly you must visit a doctor, but It may be because of the poor blood circulation.

8. Erectile dysfunction

In men, poor blood circulation leading to reduce blood flow in the reproductive organs may also cause contribute to erectile dysfunction. This problem is characterized by consistent problems in achieving or sustaining an erection. Visit a doctor for treatment and prevent yourself from cardiovascular diseases. In most cased the men who have this problem have heart issues in the future.

9. Skin Discoloring or Cyanosis

If your mouth has a blue color that is because your body needs more oxygen.  Low oxygen in our body can lead to  many diseases.

10. Tightness or Heaviness in the Chest

Your heart is pumping the blood in your body. But if your circulation of the blood is not good then and heart can’t work properly.

How to fix it:

  • Make physical exercise a part of your daily routine.
  • Avoid coffee and switch to green tea for general well-being.
  • Don’t overdo your alcohol consumption.
  • Quit smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke.

Add nuts, seeds, cayenne pepper or black pepper, garlic, onion and ginger in your diet to stimulate your circulatory system

Source: www.healthadvisorgroup.com