Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Several Common Tea Brands

This article reveals the shocking truth behind some tea brands, showing that cheap teas have the same harmful effects as junk food. The Tazo, Tetley, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Allegro, Teavana, Bigelow, Republic of Tea, Tea Forte, Yogi, Mighty Leaf and Trader Joe’s teas contain highly toxic compounds like synthetic fluoride and pesticides. Synthetic fluoride is poisonous and considered unsafe for consumption. This is a shocking discovery for millions of people as tea is the second highest consumed drink after coffee in the world.

The herbs that are used in commercial teas are most often not washed before the drying process. Many tea producers, including the ones that brand their products organic, have pesticides and carcinogens in their teas in quantities that are above the allowed limits in the USA and EU. Read the Glaucus Research online to see the real picture of what goes behind the scenes in the world.

  1. Substances found in the teabag material

Teabags are either made of plastic, corn-based biodegradable bags (GMO), or paper treated with polymerized epichlorohydrin or other wet strength agents. The problem is that un-polymerized epichlorohydrin is also used as an insect fumigant and is a known carcinogen. Even if the tea bags contain low amounts of this agent, it still presents a danger to our health.

The negative effects of the teabag materials can be avoided by using natural tea (which is also better for your health), but if you still want to drink brand teas, here’s a tip for you: cut the teabag and empty the contents in a teapot, brewing it traditionally.

This term doesn’t mean what everyone thinks it means. The flavors could be made from any animal or plant source and processed in different ways. You have no clue what the source of the flavor is, or how much it has been processed. The “natural flavor” could contain something harmful and you would have no idea about it.

Modern agriculture is so aggressive that the finished product has a bland taste that needs to be flavored. The producers flavor their products to make them marketable, and of course, to make a profit. But, this often results in poor quality. If people asked for better quality food, the companies would be pressured by the laws of supply. Remember, the power is in the consumer’s hands, so do your own research and always try to find quality food.

Source: www.healthylifeheadlines.com