Most of the people tend to warm up the extra food and consume it for second or third time. This is very good for some foods, but some foods can be big danger to your health once you warm them up.


Most of the people have never thought that these foods can be potential danger to your health. The thing is that some of the foods don’t hold their nutritional esteem after they have been warmed up. Continue reading and find out which 7 foods should never be eaten after worming up.

You should never warm up spinach because it is extremely unsafe thing to do. It is the best to be eaten right after it is prepared. Spinach contains high amount of nitrates which when warmed up can be transformed into nitrites. This can be really carcinogenic to the human body.

Celery is generally used for soups. Also like spinach, celery has nitrates as well. When you warm up your soup with celery, nitrates can be transformed into nitrites. So because of this when you warm up your soup, you will have to take out celery. Also carrots are bad to be warp up.

This vegetables has great nitrates. So in any case this is food that should not be re-heated. Warming up is not critical but reheating is.

Potatoes are full with big amount of healthy qualities and they are very useful of our heath. But when you let them to cool down or to stay for a day or two, they can lose their health qualities. At this point they can be more dangerous than useful for our body.

The eggs can be deadly if they are exposed to high temperature or are being warmed up. This doesn’t mean for foods that contain eggs drying their preparation. It is connected to reheating boiled or fried eggs.

It is very dangerous to eat chicken the next day after preparation. You can come into some digestive problems because the structure of proteins change. Chicken has more proteins than the red meat. It is recommended to eat cold chicken. And if you need to warm it up, then be sure to do it on a low temperature for longer period


Maybe you are familiar with the fact that mushrooms are the most important food that shouldn’t be warmed up. It is recommended to eat them right after preparation. If you need to eat them the next day, be sure to consume them cold. It can cause digestive problems and addition heart problems.

It is very important to pay attention on what kind of leftovers you heat in the oven or the microwave. You should certainly thing twice if you need to warm up some of these foods. It is not recommended to warm up food, and if you need to do that, think of the potential healthy issues.