Use Guava Leaves To Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots And Skin Allergies (How To Use)

All of us have faced a skin problem at a certain point in our life usually in the form of acne, pimples, blemishes or dark spots. To solve them, we often rush and buy expensive and often inefficient chemical products that can even worsen the issue. Thankfully, there are a few natural methods which can solve the problems and be beneficial for your skin.

One of these treatments includes the use of guava leaves, which have many benefits for the skin. Here are four ways to use them:

Atopic dermatitis

Guava leaves can successfully relieve the redness and irritation caused by atopic dermatitis. They possess anti-allergic properties that block the formation of histamines, the chemicals that the body releases as part of an allergic reaction, causing sneezing, itching, wheezing and swelling.


A study in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine suggests that the guava leaves are effective in the treatment of the bacteria that cause acne, as they possess strong anti-bacterial properties. They don’t only eliminate acne – guava leaves soothe your skin and reduce the appearance of pimples.

Elimination of wrinkles

Guava leaves are certainly more beneficial than the fruit. They possess anti-cancer properties and destroy free radicals in the body. Besides this, the guava leaves act as a natural wrinkle elimination tool, and improve the overall quality of the skin.

Lighten dark spot

The guava leaves can treat blemishes and dark spots on the face. They act as a toning agent, and reduce the irritation by eliminating microorganisms.

How to use the treatment:

For treatment of atopic dermatitis, take some dried guava leaves, crush them and add them to a tub of hot water. This will relieve the itching and redness and soothe the uncomfortable feeling.

In all other cases, take some guava leaves, crush them and add them in a pot of boiling water. Boil the mixture until it turns brown and concentrated, then take if off the heat and allow it to cool down. Apply the tonic on your face with a cotton ball, let it stay for about 15 minutes and wash it off with some lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment twice a week for best results.