Total Cancer 42 Days Therapy Save Your Life

The tumor is a standalone node, which often occurs due to presents of pressure. Because of the unusual pressure on different parts of the body, the tissues do not feed with blood, and begin to die. However, the pressed part would like to live and defend its environment and draws what it missed. “Total therapy” against cancer Central idea of this therapy is the fasting for a period of 42 days, with disciplined use of specified vegetable juices and adequate teas. The best way to apply the “total therapy” is using domestic pressed juices. If they are gone, than provide biologically pure vegetable juices, specially designed for “total therapy”. The bottled juices must be labeled. The contents of the bottle should be 500 ml and can be provided in the stores. With drinking of  vegetable juices and teas only, for 42 days , the tumor retires, disappears and the patient continues to live normally. With small amounts of food, drink 250 ml. of juice to get used to it. For life functions it is necessary only 200 – 250 ml. per day. Drik evan up to 500 ml. of juice, but it is optional. It is best to drink one spoon, slowly, not to swallow right away, and that means you have to wait for the juice to mix good with saliva into the mouth.

The desired amounts of juice that you need to prepare are :

–  600 ml beetroot juice,

–  200 ml. of carrot juice,

–   200 ml.of celery juice,

  with 200 ml. of a white radish juice (also can take place black radish)

–   and potatoes juice.

Potatoes in the combination are very important, especially if it comes to liver cancer. However, if someone cannot bear the presence of potato juice, than consume daily one tea cup potato flakes. In order to have such a prepared tea, you need to take a handful of potato flakes and boiled in 250 grams of water 2-5 minutes. All vegetables, which the juice is made from, should be drained with squeezing machine for juices, and then the resulting juice is strained through a thick tea strainer or linen cloth, as in 250 ml. remained one tablespoon sediment. The precipitate is hard for drinking and can be used as food.

Cancer lives on solid foods that human brings inside its body through food.


Step 1.  1/2 cup is drunk in the morning drink slowly, after waking up. Step 2.  About 30-60 minutes later, drink 1/2 cup of sage tea


One tablespoon sage is poured in 1/2 liter of hot water and let it boil for three minutes, then pull it out of the fire, and add one small teaspoon worth, mint and nursery. After that leave it covered for 10 minutes. For washing the throat, leaves of sage should be poured with hot water and left to stand for 10 minutes (one spoon one cup of water).

You should drink your whole life sage tea. It contains an important ingredient that is vital to all glands, spinal cord and vertebrae drives.

Step 3. Then again, after 30-60 minutes drink 1/2 cup mixed vegetable juice, which should be swallowed immediately, but mixed with saliva in the mouth.
Step 4. After at least 10-15 minutes take 1-2 sips tea geranium tea.


A small tea spoon of geranium is poured with 125 ml boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes. This tea should be consumed daily, sip by sip, one cup, no more. Geranium tea is absolutely necessary for all types of cancer, especially if the patient is radiant, because it contains some amount of radium. All teas must not be used with sugar or other additives. The further course of treatment is the following: Also provided tea and juice to be taken “in the round” on two or three teas, and one or two sips of juice, two to three again teas and juice and so by the end of the day.

Tea for kidney should be drank only during the first three weeks and then break of two to three weeks, again can be used, for a period of three weeks.

The therapy involves the use of vegetable juices and teas.