Top 3 exercises who are destroying cellulite

Foam roller or just roller props is in the form of a cylinder made of dense foam. It’s very light and easy to use and offers a wide range of exercises that strengthen and stretch the body, stabilize the torso and improve the balance of the body. Since it is an unstable surface, it takes a lot more effort to maintain a balance, and therefore leads to the activation of the deepest layers of the abdominal and back muscles, and other body parts. Consequently, the roller is excellent for activating connective cells cellulite that under effort shots and get reduced. Here are three effective exercises which will show visible results for a short time.

Exercises for the hamstrings

Lie on your back and place the roller under the buttocks and legs extend and tighten (A). Gently connect the legs (B) and spread them apart. During you perform an exercise the legs must be fully “closer” with the roller. Do ten repetitions. Take a short break and set the roller in the middle of the thigh, and do ten reps. In the end, roller get down to just above the knee and repeat the exercise ten times. For the whole of this exercise you will need a maximum of five minutes. After some rest, do another series.

Exercises for the inner hamstrings

Lie on your right side, and set the roller in front of you. Lower the head to the right hand. Left leg set as shown (A). Then, gently (not lifting your foot off the rollers) provide is in front of you (B). Lift the leg so that the heel side up, and lower back at the same time making sure that the roller is located on the inside of the thigh, and that shifted back and forth. Do ten repetitions of slow (C). Relax! Then three more times flex and extend your legs to further activate the cells of cellulite. Do the two series on both sides.

Combined exercises for the back and inner hamstrings

Sit on the floor and tighten your right leg forward so it will be part of the inner thigh rely on the roller (A). Then, with thigh as hard press roller and pull it toward the top of the leg (B), and the fingers legs turn towards the inside (C). Take a short break, and then press the roller and gently “rolling” it back above the knee. Do eight repetitions and repeat the same with the other leg.