This Will Help You To Fight Tooth Decay And Melt Plaque

Could you believe in healthy properties of licorice? Licorice is a sweet treat that can do well for your oral health. Very important is that licorice  reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay. You must know that licorice in most  sweeties is not a real licorice.

What is real licorice ?

Licorice is a part of traditional medicine for many centuries. It has been used for many things such as joint pain. It has antibacterial properties and  antimicrobial characteristics.

Licorice for fighting against tooth decay

Fact is that in out mouth could be found  a lot of bacteria. Some are good for our teeth but some could cause a tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth decay is caused by streptococcus mutans, bacteria that live on sugar. This bacteria causes many diseases in our mouth.

You must remove this bacteria form your mouth! And here is the licorice, remedy for tooth decay!

Important is that licorice include licoricidin and ricorisoflavan which are the two active ingredients.

How to use licorice ?

Licorice has a root. This root is covered by a soft bark layer. Firstly clean the root well thanchew on one end until the root fibers become loose and look like bristles.

Health Benefits of Licorice

Reducing inflammation

Important is that inflammation causes many diseases. But licorice is here to help you. Licorice is very effective in inflammation reduction. Licorice is more effective than ibuprofen! You could also make a tea from licorice root.

Relieves heartburn

Licorice is also effective in managing  the symptoms of dyspepsia. It is a condition that includes the symptoms of indigestion, including heartburn, abdominal discomfort, bloating and nausea. Make a tea from a licorice root and drink it !

Burn fat with licorice

You can also lose weight with licorice. Consuming licorice everyday helps to our body to burn fats for a short time. Doctors says that  licorice could  reduce body fat. Consume only 3.5mg of licorice per day.

Licorice for cold sores and herpes

Licorice is used for  treating a cold sores and herpes. It  has a natural properties. Many doctors says many good thing for licorice but that isn’t proved yet.

You should boil one part of root to twenty parts of water and let it simmer for thirty minutes to five hours. The longer the decoction simmers, the stronger the decoction will be.

When the mixture is cool, use gauze or a cotton ball to apply the liquid on the affected area. It is a great toner as well. Licorice’s antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics are good for cleaning the face before applying a moisturizer.

Side Effects and Warning for the Use of Licorice

You should know that licorice should not be consumed for a longer time then 4 weeks.

Consumption of licorice include potassium levels reduction, high blood pressure, paralysis, and    brain damage. If you are suffering from kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure consult   your doctor before adding medicinal licorice in your health schedule.

Also, pregnant women should not take licorice for medicinal purposes.