This Miracle Drink Saved 1000 Lives! 10.000 Times More Powerful Than Chemotherapy!

Over hundred studies showed that this drink saves lives and yet very few people know about the healing powers of this miracle drink. The thing is that people are skeptic and they don’t believe the simplicity of this very cheap cure… Nevertheless the efficiency is well confirmed and proved.

I bet you didn’t know that combining lemon and baking soda can be 10.000 times more powerful than chemotherapy! This combination also known as “cancer killer” is well hidden from the population and no one talks about it….

But why!?

The answer is quite predictable and very selfish… No one can make profit from healthy people. Healthy people have no need for medications! It’s very simple actually… the millions that pharmaceutical companies get for research would be gone…

It’s proved that lemon have anticancer properties but also provides other benefits like effective treating cyst and tumors. Adding baking soda to the lemon only makes the effect more powerful because baking soda brings the pH value to normal and kills only cancer cells without harming the healthy cells and tissues.
Lemon is good for the nervous system too – reduce stress and calms nerve crisis and it’s a powerful antidepressant. Patients should drink 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with a half of teaspoon of baking soda.

Organic lemons are way more efficient and because of that it’s best if you grow your own lemon tree in your backyard or in a pot.

This amazing, miracle drink is found by Nobel Prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg in 1923 and yet only few people know about this drink… so share this post and spread the word, you may help someone.

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