This Is How You Can Lose Your Weight And Detox Your Body Overnight! (Cheap And Easy)

Wrapping yourself in plastic wrap is considered a cosmetic process similar to the greenhouse effect, so many people are using it. It stimulates the function of the sweat glands and blood circulation besides eliminating harmful substances and toxins from the body.

People are usually wrapping their bodies in household foil or plastic wrap to lose weight, purify the body and improve the health of their skin. You can wrap your body in foil in many ways to get different results. This article presents two ways that will lower your weight, remove cellulite and detoxify your body as well.

Honey wrapping

Warm some honey in a dish and add one egg yolk and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Spread this mix on areas like thighs, arms or belly and wrap yourself in foil or plastic wrap. Put on a winter coat or something similar and cover your body. Sit like that for an hour and remove the wrap in the end.

Clay wrapping

The following method is considered the best for removing cellulite and melting extra fat from the body. The blue clay used for this method contains microelements beneficial for our skin. You can prepare the clay by adding some water in it and mixing until you get a cream-like texture and thickness. Then, spread the clay on your body and wrap yourself in plastic wrap or foil. Put on some warm clothes and stay like that for an hour, before removing the wrapping and rinsing the clay off. Do the procedure twice a week and the results will be visible soon. The cellulite, fat and stretch marks will be removed.

While wrapped, your skin will also receive some much needed microelements which will make it flexible, gentle and soft. Before applying the clay wrapping, a body scrub is recommended.

If you are working out, wrapping your abdomen in plastic wrap or foil and eating a healthy diet will reduce your weight in just one week!

The household foil is cheap and easy to find. You can use it to wrap your arms, feet and stomach and it is very helpful when trying to tone your body or lose weight faster. The foil will make you sweat a lot, which is good as this means that you are burning away fat. Your cellulite will be gone, you will reduce your weight and your skin will be improved.