The Health Benefits Of Guava & Guava Leaves

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Guavas, also commonly called amrood, are seasonal tropical fruits which come from Mexico and Central, Tropical, and South America. They have a very distinct flavor and smell, and are generally either green, yellow, or pink, depending on the variety. Best eaten when ripe, they can be very bitter or very sweet, though their taste does depend on which colour you buy. Guavas are well known for their wide array of health benefits, below are some of the best reasons to add guava to your diet today!

Improves Your Immunity

Guavas are actually one of the richest sources of vitamin C available to us, containing 4 times what you would find in an orange. One medium sized guava will provide you with 2 times the amount that is required for the day. Vitamin C is well known for its role in bolstering your immune system and assisting your body to fight off colds and infection. (1)

Can Improve Vision

Guavas are a rich source of Vitamin A, and while not as rich a source as carrots, still offer enough to make them worthwhile. (Some people would argue that they are a more delicious source as well!) Vitamin A is well known for its ability to keep the eyes healthy and improve night vision. (2)

Help Prevent Cancer

Guavas have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, these can be linked to the presence of compounds including lycopene, quercitin, vitamin C, and various polyphenols. All of the aforementioned compounds are powerful antioxidants and stunt the growth of free radicals in the body, which can lead to cancerous growth. (3)

Guavas are great for your skin and can actually slow down the aging process. (4)

Great For Digestive Health

If you’re feeling a little backed up, a guava is a great remedy – one guava contains 12% of the recommended daily intake of fibre, making it extremely beneficial for your digestive health.

Don’t Throw Away The Leaves

The leaves of the guava plant have also long been used for their medicinal properties, particularly in South America and Mexico, where they are harvested for tea. A few small clinical trials have been conducted which discovered how compounds found in guava leaves can actually reduce blood pressure and normalize the heart rate in people who suffer from a heart arrhythmia.

Guavas and guava leaf tea are also a great option for diabetics because of their ability to lower blood sugar.

Guava has so many amazing health benefits, it is no surprise that it is now considered a superfood! If you haven’t jumped on the guava train yet, maybe it’s time you give them a try.