The Best (And Fastest) Way To Lose Body Fat

Do you know where your fat goes once you’ve lost the weight? The answer is probably not, and neither does your doctor. It doesn’t just go away, it has to go somewhere. So the big question is, where does your fat go and why?

Most people go their whole life looking for new ways to reduce the amount of fat they have. Some try exercising, which is the best way, but others tend to look in another direction.

There are only so many medical marvels that go without question. But getting the fat sucked out of you may not be the solution, and neither is pumping your body with pills.

You would be surprised at how many people are tricked into doing, or taking, unnecessary things to get thin. It’s not to say they don’t know better but it’s because they have been misinformed. There is a simple solution to all your weight loss problems, eat well and exercise regularly.


With regards to the disappearing fat, studies have shown that we simply breathe it out. Many doctors believed that our fat was converted into heat or energy. Ruben Meerman has done extensive research to prove this theory wrong.

People gain weight when the excess carbohydrates and proteins they’ve consumed are converted into triglycerides. These are the compounds made up of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, which are also stored in fat cells. When you break down fat you gain access to the triglycerides.

Science has proven that in order to break down 10 kg of fat you need to inhale 29 kg of oxygen, and burn 94,000 calories.

However, this doesn’t mean take a seat on the couch and concentrate on your breathing for a while. There is a lot of effort associated with burning all that fat, if you need proof just take a look at the calorie count.


It’s simple. When you do what is necessary to lose weight you will experience better feelings and a new look. When it comes down to where the fat has gone, like you care anyways, the answer is literally thin air.

Isn’t that something to think about next time you’re insatiable curiosity has you confused about where your fat goes? But here’s what you can take away from all this information. Before you concern yourself with where the fat has gone think about where it needs to be trimmed.

Don’t concern yourself with what other people have done in the past; some of it may be fabricated. Many people try inconsistent dieting which could result in weight loss. Most of the time they’re confusing their bodies.

Next time you’re getting weight loss advice be conscious of what your advisor has to say. If it involves taking a “magic” pill chances are it’s not worth it.

Would you really put your health at risk to shed a few pounds? Think about it, if they can’t tell you where your fat goes then they probably aren’t qualified to be giving unrealistic advice on how to “get healthy”. I put that in quotations because getting healthy shouldn’t involve using unnecessary tactics.

Here’s the advice you don’t want, but need. Go for a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. Or for heaven sake play a sport! I guarantee you that’ll be enough to get you going. Last but not least change up your eating regiment. Incorporate healthy foods that provide lots of energy, so you don’t have an excuse not to exercise.