The Absolutely 12 Worst Cancer Causing Products In Your Home

Every day we`re in contact with potentially harmful substances which can be serious threat for our health, without being aware of that. We rely on the labels to ensure that the product we use is safe. Sometimes, we do not even know the meaning of the ingredients listed on those labels. Here is a list of 12 different products can cause cancer:

Talcum Powder ( John & Johnson. Inc.)

Labeled Toxic Ingredient:

Talc- potential cause for ovarian cancer and lung irritation.

Cover Girl Replenshing Natural Finish Make Up ( Foundation) ( Procter & Gamble. Inc.)

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA), In interaction with nitrites forms carcinogenic nitrosamines.

LANOLIN, frequently contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides and DDT.

BHA, Carcinogenic.

PARABENS, Contact dermatitis.

FRAGANCE, Various toxic, untested and unlabeled ingredients as well as contact dermatitis.

TALC, Lung irritation, carcinogenic.

Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste- ( Procter & Gamble. Inc.)Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

FD&C BLUE #1, carcinogenic.

SACCHARIN, Carcinogenic.

FLUORIDE, Potentially carcinogenic.

Alberto VO5 Conditioner (Essence of Neutral Henna)

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:FORMALDEHYDE, Carcinogenic, contact dermatitis, sensitizer and neurotoxic.

POLYSORBATE 80, Contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane.

FD&C RED #4, Carcinogenic.

FRAGANCE, Various undisclosed ingredients, contact dermatitis.

Clariol Nice `n Easy (Permanent Haircolor) (Clariol. Inc.)

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

QUARTENIUM-15, releases formaldehyde, carcinogenic, contact dermatitis, sensitizer and neurotoxic.

DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), in contact with nitrites forms carcinogenic nitrosamine.

PHENYLENE-DIAMINES, contains carcinogens and other ingredients which are inadequately tested for carcinogenicity, contact dermatitis.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL, Contact dermatitis.

FRAGANCE, contact dermatitis, various undisclosed ingredients. Also related to non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other cancers.

Household Products Ajax Cleanser ( Colgate- Palmolive. Inc.)

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic, lung, skin and eye irritation. Note: Silica is admitted as a carcinogenic in 1994 Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS). ( Manufacturer claims to have reduces silica since 1993)

Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser ( Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Lung, skin and eye irritation, carcinogenic. ( Carcinogenicity is denied in Material and Data Sheet.)

Lysol Disinfectant Spray ( Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)

Labeled or Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:

ORTHOPHENYLPHENOL (OPP), irritant, carcinogenic. ( Carcinogenicity is denied in Material Safety and Data Sheet.)

Zodiac Cat & Dog Flea Collar (Sandoz Agro. Inc.).

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

PROPOXUR, Carcinogenic, neurotoxic.

Ortho Weed-B-Lawn Weed Killer (Monsanto Co.)

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

SODIUM 2,4 DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE (2,4 D), Carcinogenic, related to lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and other cancers, reproductive toxin, neurotoxic.

Food Beef Frankfurters- (eg. Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation)

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:


DACHTAL, carcinogenic (potentially contaminated with dioxin), strong sensitizer, irritant.

DIELDRIN, carcinogenic, xenoestrogen.

DDT, carcinogenic, xenoestrogen.

HEPTACHLOR, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, reproductive toxin, xenoestrogen.

HEXACHLOROBENZENE, carcinogenic, teratogenic, neurotoxic.

LINDANE, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, damage to blood forming cells.

HORMONES, carcinogenic  and feminizing.

ANTIBIOTICS, carcinogenic, some cause allergies or drug resistance.

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

NITRITE, in interaction with meat amines forms carcinogenic nitrosamines which are the potential cause for childhood cancer.

Whole Milk– (eg. Borden or Lucerne)

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:DDT, carcinogenic, xenoestrogen.

DIELDRIN, carcinogenic, xenoestrogen.

HEPTACHLOR, carcinogenic, xenoestrogen, reproductive toxin, neurotoxic.

HEXACHLOROBENZENE, carcinogenic, reproductive toxin, neurotoxic.

ANTIBIOTICS, some are carcinogenic, cause allergies or resistance.

RECOMBINANT BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE and IGF-1. Potential risk factor for colon, prostate and breast cancer.