Testimonies Confirmed: Asparagus Successfully Treats Cancer, Even Its Aggressive Types! (RECIPE)

A biochemist who specializes in health diets wrote about its specific effect on cancer in an article titled “Asparagus for cancer”, published in the Cancer News Journal in 1979.

His letter contains testimonies from cancer patients who used asparagus in their treatment.

“A few years ago I read about the discovery of Richard R. Vensala that asparagus might cure cancer. I have established a relationship with him, and began working on this project, I gathered many positive healthcare cases, some of which I mention here:

– Case 1: A man with a hopeless lymph nodes cancer was immobile. After just one year of his asparagus therapy, doctors found no traces of cancer in him, and he was fully active again.

– Case 2: A 68 years old man had bladder cancer and treated it for 16 years. He eventually started using the asparagus therapy. Within 3 months his cancer disappeared.

– Case 3: A man with lung cancer in 1971 was on the operating table when the doctors concluded that because of its spread, it cannot be removed. His prognosis was fatal. The man heard about the asparagus treatment and immediately started it. In just a few months, the x-rays showed the cancer has disappeared.

– Case 4: A woman struggled for years with skin cancer, with the disease progressing fast. After just 3 months with the asparagus treatment the situation improved and the skin was healthy again.”

Having read the “Elementary medicine” book from 1854, written by a professor from the University of Pensilvania, where it’s stated that asparagus is used as a folk remedy against cancer, the results were not surprising.


The asparagus should be boiled before use. You can use fresh or canned asparagus. After cooking, blend the vegetable until you get a mash and then put it in the fridge. Take 4 tablespoon a day – 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. The mash can also be diluted and used as a drink.

The therapy can be increased and adjusted as needed. It’s not harmful to the body. The first signs of improvement are expected in about 2-4 weeks.

As a biochemist he says he believes in the old saying “better safe than sorry”, so he and his wife are drinking the asparagus as a preventive measure. They use the diluted recipe and control their blood charts. Their last results showed improvement in all examined elements. Everything is attributed to the asparagus therapy.

Asparagus contains the protein called histone, believed to be active in the process of cell growth. That is actually the thing that has effect on the actions of cancer.

The US National Cancer Institute confirmed that asparagus is highest ranked on the list of foods that contain glutathione, considered as one of the strongest antioxidants and anti-cancer substances.

Source: www.foodsandhealthylife.com