Pineapple Juice For Cough Effective And Fast Relief

Pineapples are tropical fruits which offer many health benefits. They contain bromelain, an enzyme which gives the fruit its anti-inflammatory properties. The juice from the pineapple is said to be five times more effective than cough syrup!

Just a cup of pineapple juice contains 50% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. This vitamin enhances the use of vital enzymes in the body that can regulate metabolism and convert energy. The pineapple juice contains minerals such as manganese that is crucial for healthy tissue and bones. Manganese helps the absorption of calcium, metabolizes carbohydrates and fats and improves the regular nerve function.

Bromelain is often advertised as an anti-inflammatory agent that treats conditions such as arthritis. It is a popular supplement in Europe, especially in Germany, where it is approved for use as a treatment for inflammation and swelling in the nose and sinuses caused by surgery or an injury.

When dealing with persistent cough that is not caused by serious conditions like pneumonia, you should try consuming pineapple juice. It’s cheaper than cough syrup, chemical-free and contains nutrients that will fight the cold or flu. Pineapple juice soothes the sore throat and helps the body expel mucus that is present in the lungs and sinuses. A study published in “Der Pharma Chemica” in 2010 looked for treatments that can help tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. After some time, the team of scientists discovered that a mix of raw pineapple juice, pepper, salt and honey helped dissolve the mucus in the lungs of the subjects. Another study found that raw extracts from pineapple can decrease mucus five times faster than any cough syrup. The patients recovered faster and cured their persistent cough.

As we do not need additional sugars in the diet, use raw, organic pineapples rather than the canned ones. Juice the pineapple yourself to get the most advantage out of it.

Pineapple cough suppressant recipe


A cup of fresh pineapple juice

¼ of a cup of fresh lemon juice

A piece of ginger (3 inches)

A tablespoon of raw honey

Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper


Combine all the ingredients and your cough suppressant is ready to be consumed. Take ¼ of a cup 2-3 times every day.