New Study Shows Ginger Is 10000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)

Ginger is one of the most potent spices and a natural remedy for many diseases. Did you know it can even cure cancer?

Turmeric has been widely praised for its effects on cancer, but new studies show that ginger is as powerful as it is, maybe even better. It’s even more efficient than various cancer medications! Some of the medications for cancer actually accelerate death in some patients.

The power of ginge

A study by the Georgia State University found that ginger reduces the size of prostate tumor by 56% in mice. It also reduced the inflammation and gave the mice some much needed antioxidants.

Another study found out that shogaol-6, a component of ginger, is better than conventional cancer medicine, mainly chemotherapy. It specifically targets the main cause for breast cancer: breast cancer stem cells. These cells cause a variety of cancers, and create “daughter” cells that tumor colonies consist of. And, while they constitute just .2 to 1% of the cells in the tumor, they appear almost immortal. They are able to renew themselves, and are resistant to conventional chemotherapy agents. Cancer stem cells can even break off and from new colonies! The only way to make sure the cancer is gone is to destroy these stem cells in the body.

The shogaol-6 was found to be very active when it came to anti-cancer stem behavior. It is produced when the root is cooked or dried. But something makes it very specific and superior to conventional cancer medicine.

The shogaol-6 selectively kills only the cancer cells, and is non-toxic to non-cancer cells. This makes it different from chemotherapy for example, which kills all the cells in an area, harming the patient in the process.

Shogaol-6 affected the cell cycle in breast cancer cells, resulting in an increased cancer cell death. It induces programmed cell death through autophagy, and inhibits breast cancer lump formation. But that’s not all! The study also found that the results of the tests of the cancer drug taxol were not even close to the efficiency of shogaol-6. Even when the concentration of taxol was increased, the shogaol-6 was 10000 times stronger than it! Plus, it keeps the healthy cells alive!

More research is needed to deeply study the effects of ginger compared to conventional cancer medicine. With time, maybe we can even ditch chemotherapy for this natural remedy, and not make our bodies sick anymore.