Looking for a Fast and Effective Diet? This is How To Lose 10 Pounds in One Week!

If you’re tired of trying different diets without any result, then you’re lucky because today we will present you the most effective diet plan to lose the excess pounds quickly.

This diet is simply amazing because it will detox your body, it lasts only 1 week and it’s really promising, and most importantly you’ll lose 10 pounds.

It is consisted of ingredients which satisfy the hunger and burn the excess fat, divided into 3 main meals and 1 snack.

The Recipe To A Slimmer You:


Your day should start with lemon drink, that’s 1 glass of water (mild) and 3 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon (organic).

You should mix it and then consume it before your breakfast, on an empty stomach. The lemon drink will alkalize and hydrate the body in the morning and thus will regulate your pH, and this is essential for preventing diseases.

The lemon drink will boost the metabolism and prepare it for digestion during the whole day and will cleanse the liver from all the harmful toxins.

Then, 30 minutes after you drink the lemon water you could eat either 2 oranges or 2 apples, or 1 grapefruit. After that, If you’re still hungry, then you can add half a cup of hazelnuts, almonds or nuts.

The combination of nuts and fruit will provide your body the healthy fats and nutrients for the entire day. The nuts calories content will keep you satisfied.


The lunch should be consisted of pure protein, so that’s why we are going to give you few options of dairy and meat that you can choose from. You could have  5 ounces of veal (organic) or 5 ounces of skinless and boneless chicken breast (organic).

A container of Greek yoghurt can be added to your portion of meat. This lunch should keep you satiated for three to four hours, which is enough time for your body to digest the meat.


The main purpose of the snack is to prevent you from overeating for dinner, and that’s why you shouldn’t skip it. For snack, you can have a small green salad or an banana (organic). You should definitely avoid any extra ingredients or dressings in your salad, just keep it simple.

Both, the salad or the banana will help you to keep the digestive system active until dinner.

The banana is very rich in protein and it will normalize the bowel motility, and this means that it will aid the metabolism to clean the body of all the harmful toxins.


The dinner should be always before 6pm, after that you shouldn’t eat at all. That’s because you should give the digestive system rest and antioxidate it with tea and water only.

The dinner should consists 2 hard boiled eggs and green salad (organic) with slices of cucumber, little Himalayan salt and extra-virgin olive oil.

After dinner, make yourself a green tea. You should drink 3 cups of green tea because it will help you to burn 80 calories, which is simply great.

Just stick to the diet plan and you’ll see results in just one week. You should remember that if you desire to achieve something, you need to be disciplined and persistent. Good Luck!