Japanese Women Live Longer and Don’t Get Fat- Here’s Their Secret!

In the last 25 years, Japanese women are holding the record for longevity, because they live on average 84 years old and above and are not obese, as published in the portal Magazine. In his book “Japanese women are ageless and not fattening,” Naomi Moriyama reveals the secrets of Japanese cuisine that is responsible for a healthy and long life.

Moriyama states that foods that help weight loss are just part of everyday Japanese cuisine, which are consumed in different ways and that is fish, marine plants, vegetables, soybeans, rice, fruits and green tea.

Otherwise the Japanese daily enjoy meals cooked in the traditional way consisting of grilled fish, a bowl of rice, cooked vegetables, soup, green tea and chopped fruit.

It is important to note that the Japanese consume about 10 percent of all fish in the world, although they make up only two percent of the world population.

Moriyama also stated that since childhood, parent teach youngsters that they must eat slowly and appreciate every mouthful.

Rules that must adhere are never completely filled bowl, nor should they serve big portions and each commodity must be served separately.

Moriyama states that the Japanese cuisine is light and cooking is done slowly, groceries are mainly boiled, briefly grilled, cooked by steaming or quickly fried in wok pan.

Instead of bread, the Japanese consume rice in every meal and it is a big difference from how to eat in the East and the West.

In Japan breakfast is considered as the most important and most comprehensive meal, because it consists of more groceries and beverages, which include green tea, rice cooked in steam, miso soup, tofu, spring onion, seaweed, fish or a piece of omelet.

Sweet desserts in Japan are eaten rarely, and when on menu they are mostly in very small portions, not necessarily the Japanese women do not like chocolate, cakes and ice cream and cakes, but that they understand how these foods have the power to harm the body.

Exercise is a daily routine in Japan and the Japanese daily include numerous exercises and built a whole “culture of cycling”, hiking and mountaineering, says Moriyama.