How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

How to lower blood pressure with several natural methods and practises that are much safer, cheaper and effective?

Some of the common natural blood pressure control methods include changing your diet, reducing your alcohol intake, reducing stress, stopping smoking and eating salt-free foods. Some vitamin supplements and natural herbs also work well in controlling blood pressure.

Using such methods not only treats the cause, but also improves every aspect of one’s health.

People with High blood pressure or hypertension are more vulnerable to stroke and heart attack.Life can also be extremely uncomfortable when the condition is not properly controlled.

Most people across the world rely on prescription medications to manage high blood pressure. They are oblivious of the fact that these drugs are often times synthetic and can be very dangerous.

The use of drugs to control blood pressure is usually not effective on the long term as it only works on the superficial symptoms instead of treating the real cause. The drugs can also affect the body organs. For instance, some drugs are known to cause liver damage.

The following natural methods can help you lower the blood pressure. The methods are also cost-effective and safer than use of medical drugs.

  1. Regular Physical Exercise

Having a regular exercise will go a long way into protecting you from the deadly risks of high blood pressure. For those who don’t like the daily gym routines, a daily 30 – minute walk will work just right. Walking will also help you speed up metabolism and burn the extra calories; a good thing if you are overweight.

On dieting, eat the right foods. Cut down your intake of empty caloric foods. Intake of foods high in sodium and those with high saturated fat content should also be reduced. Fast foods and processed foods fall in this category and thus, should be replaced with a healthier diet of fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating will go a long way into lowering your blood pressure.

Smoking can cause restriction of the blood vessels, raising the blood pressure. Thus, if you smoke, you are advised to stop as early as possible. Given the fact that smoking is addictive, it can be difficult to stop instantly. One should seek guidance from groups and agencies that are willing to offer help on how to overcome nicotine addiction.

  1. Keep your alcohol intake on the low

Too much alcohol intake raises blood pressure overtime. The recommended alcohol limit is 21 units and 14 units per week, for men and women respectively.

A unit is equivalent to a small glass of wine, half a pint of beer or a single pub measure of spirits. Keeping to the right alcohol limits will help keep your blood pressure down.

Make stress management a priority. Learn some special breathing, meditation and muscle relaxation techniques. Monitor and make sure you maintain your ideal body weight. Being obese not only raises the blood pressure but can also cause other fatal health risks.

Doing these simple things right will keep you away from taking the prescription drugs, help you lower the rising blood pressure and immensely improve your overall health.