How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

If you had a mice problem at some point in your life, you know that it’s a difficult issue to resolve. The mice can spread germs and diseases and leave urine and feces everywhere and even lice. The worst thing is their fast reproduction – female mice can have up to 10 litters annually, with 10 mice per litter.

To successfully deal with the problem, you need this two-step process. First, close all the cracks and holes in your house and second, trap the mice inside. This article will help you remove them naturally. This amazing natural remedy will get rid of them wherever they’re hiding. Mice are rodents that can be found anywhere and they’re nasty – they eat our food, chew our cables, damage our furniture and so on. The biggest problem is that they are pretty dirty, and carry diseases which can be transferred to humans. Rats usually have gray fur and big teeth that can chew through almost anything.

How to get rid of mice naturally

You can get rid of mice with either a trap or a bait. Mice traps don’t require poison, but baits do. However, most people are looking for better solution as they don’t like to deal with a dead rat that has died inside a hole in their house. The smell can be unbearable too.

All animals are trying to survive, and they didn’t invade want to invade your home, so this is why we’re advising you to avoid method #4. There are different traps and cages on the market, but you should avoid these commercial products and try some natural ways.

Method #1

You probably didn’t know, but soft drinks are ideal for killing mice as they are unable to burp. Pour some soft drink into a disposable dish and put it near the place frequented by mice. Put it overnight and in the morning there should be a few dead rats.

Method #2

Make a mixture of dry Plaster of Paris, flour and a tablespoon of salt. Put it near the place where mice have been noticed along with a bowl of water by its side. The mice will be thirsty after eating the mixture, and the water will harden it in their stomachs, killing them quickly.

Method #3

Chocolate powder excites mice and they can’t resist it when they notice it. Mix some plaster powder and chocolate powder and put it in a bowl outside alongside a bowl of water. They will eat the mixture and drink water which will expand the mixture inside of them and kill them.

Method #4

Get a cat or dog and scare the mice away. This is an effective way of getting rid of rodents as cats are natural mice hunters.