How Does Every Day Habits Affect Vaginal Health?

Same applies to the vagina – doing things which we are not even aware that we endanger our health. The most common is exaggeration with hygiene, or the expectation that the vagina has to smell like flowers.

The following tips that are listed below, thus contributing to the deterioration of the health of the vagina. Here’s what you need to pay attention if you want a healthy vagina:

The best solution is just water

Although there are various preparations with a neutral pH value intended for vaginal hygiene, experts warn us that they are not healthy as it seems, because of the acidic pH value of the mucous membranes in the vagina, which should remain as it is. For maintaining of hygiene, they recommend more frequent bath only with water.

Pro-biotics are necessary for a healthy vagina

Woman have one more reason why should consume pro-biotics, dairy products such as yogurt. Namely, the good bacteria found in them, are the best natural allies for a healthy and balanced bacterial composition in the vagina. However, if you are under antibiotic therapy, you should increase the intake of dietary pro-biotic dairy products, to avoid disturbing the pH value in the vagina, which could lead to development of infections.

Careful use of detergent and softener

Invasive detergents that are made from different chemicals and give a pleasant smell, actually irritate the genital area and disrupt vaginal health. Therefore, when washing underwear, best is to use Hypoallergenic detergents not aromatic, designed for sensitive skin.

Daily pads and tampons are the largest source of infections

Although daily pads are promoted as necessary, the reality is that they are completely unnecessary. Gynecologists warned that continued use of everyday pads and tampons during menstruation is not good for the health of the vagina, since they create an environment for the development of infections. If you must use pads or tampons, it is necessary to be changed every 2-3 hours.

Tight jeans contribute to the development of fungal infections

It is best to wear bigger size clothes. The same applies to the underwear. Unnatural synthetic material composition of underwear, especially when the underwear are tight, captures the natural vaginal secretion and stimulates the growth of bacteria and fungi. The best choice is always cotton.