Ante Kresich is a man from Zagreb, Croatia who was diagnosed with a deadly type of lung cancer that was inoperable. Doctors told the man that he didn’t have much to live and advised him to say goodbye to his friends and family. However, Ante didn’t give up and tried treating his cancer with honey and herbs after reading about a similar experience online. The remedy actually worked – after only a couple of months, he was completely free of the disease!

The exact recipe for the cure is still a mystery, but a Bosnian woman with a case similar to Ante’s defeated the disease with a remedy made from honey and ginger which she shared with us.

When Ante went for tests a few months after being diagnose, the doctors were shocked – the scans showed no signs of his lung cancer! Today, Ante is full of energy working as a beekeeper, and shares his experience with thousands of people online. He is eager to learn more about honey’s effects, and claims that he is the living proof of the nectar’s efficiency. “I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I was already a completely different man. When I went to consult my doctors they could not believe that I was still alive, and also they could [not believe] the results of the examinations that followed, Ante says.

Honey history and science
Honey’s success as a natural remedy isn’t something new – paintings discovered in Stone Age caves suggest that the honeybee product was used as a remedy 8 millennia ago! The holistic traditional healing system Ayurveda considers honey the nectar of life and classifies it into 8 groups, each one with its own healing properties. In 2004, a team of scientists from Zagreb, obviously inspired by Ante’s miraculous recovery, examined honey’s effects on cancer and found that “a range of honey-bee products stopped tumors growing or spreading in tests on mice.” Of course, they recommended the honey therapy along conventional cancer treatments to take Big Pharma off their backs.

The team led by Dr. Nada Orsolic concluded that honeybee products can indeed be a future cancer cure. They didn’t recommend the therapy alone to avoid putting their career in jeopardy, but honey as a cancer cure obviously worked for the Bosnian woman and Ante, which means that it should work on other people as well.

Honey-ginger cancer curing recipe

Ingredients 2 cups of organic honey

2 organic ginger roots