Fats are among the most important nutrients cosisted out of fatty acids and glycerol. We eat lots of fats in our everyday nutrition, but since they are quickly digested and our body needs a small amount of calories from the fat to perform its vital functions we are usually left with extra fat stacked in the form of flab. Fiber-rich nutrition with low glycemic index (indicating the level of blood glucose after eating)  can increase fat oxidation during excercising. The best things to eat for breakfast if you wish to lose fat are low-calorie muesly or cereals. It’s recommended to eat natural animal fat such as: butter, full-fat dairy, meat, eggs, fish and sea fruits. Good vegetable fats are found in coconut and olive oil. As a dietary supplement, especially for children, it is recommended to use cod liver oil. Bad fats are hydrogenated (hardened) vegetable oils found in margarine, processed baked goods, bisquits, cookies, icer cream, chips and many types of chocolate. In order to speed up the fat-burning process or to burn fats evenly it is necessary to build muscle mass. Every pound you lose consists of 70% fats and 30% muscles. Slimming down causes losing of muscles as well as fat, and the muscles are the “calorie-burning machine”. In order to speed up metabolism, the recommended number of daily serves is five. The caffein from coffee and green tea can also speed up the metaboilism. You have to be physically active constantly. If you wish to eat more meat, eggs and dairy products it is necessary to move and exercise more to allow your body to burn a larger quantity of fat calories. It’s best to first exercise and then eat to start the fat-burning process. When you walk, run or your are doing some kind of activity choose a suitable music that would encourage you to work intensively and reduce exhaustion. It also helps burn fats more effectively. You should also engage in a variety of activities because if you let your body get used to one type of physical activity, the fat burning won’t be as effective and fat deposition will start in your body.