Don’t Tell Excuses, Time Is For Losing Weight !

It is not simple to lose weight. You must really want that if you want success. When someone ask us which is the reason that we have more pounds we start with excuses. Stop with excuses is time for losing weight! For  beginning we will tell you some excuses that we usually use.

Excuse 1: I’m to busy! I don’t have time !

You must forget this immediately because this excuse is worse that you can say to someone. If you want you have time !  You must create time for losing weight . One hour per day is enough and for only one week you will see the results. You can’t lose 10 pounds for one week, but how days gone and you spent one hour in exercising for some month you will be surprised from the results. Do and another physical activities such as walking, running, driving bike not only exercising.

Excuse 2: Healthy food is too expensive !

That is absolutely a lie! Fast food, chips and chocolates are cheap ??  Don’t make yourself a fool ! You spent more money on unhealthy food which is damaging your health. I think that you know that unhealthy food you eat can cause many diseases such as heart disease, cancer , diabetes and stroke. You will spent a lot of money treating this diseases , and maybe this will cost you a life ! Eating healthy food you will save you from diseases ! For that go in farmers market and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables and fill your fridge with them.

Excuse 3: I don’t have access to the gym !

You are lying me or yourself ? Everyone who want to exercise can go to gym and start with exercises. Also is not expensive as you want to tell. Then what are you waiting?? Go to the gym immediately and start to  exercise with a proper diet and the results will come for a short time.

Excuse 4: I’m to tired to exercise !

Ok, we have solution and for this ! Start to exercise 10 minutes per day not one hour. How time passes you will exercise for a longer time. Remember that if you exercise before going to bed you will sleep very good because exercising relaxes our body.

Excuse 5: I love to eat sweets !

No problem! Eat sweets but eat them after meals and in small quantities. If you eat in a proper time you will not have problems with  excess pound what more you will lose some kilograms.

Excuse 6: I feel hungry when I am on diet !

No that’s a lie ! That is only because you don’t want to be on a diet! You want to eat everything you want at any time ! If you still think that you feel hungry than fight against that!

Excuse 7: I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals !

Another lie! You are lazy nothing else! You must start with cooking healthy food and you will lose weight just with cooking then comes eating healthy food.  You still have a problem because you are lazy ?? Than find some books where you can find some healthy food which is easy and fast to prepare.

Excuse 8: I have a medical condition !

The solution is simple. Everything you need is to visit a doctor ! He or she will tell you what to do and you will lose all your excuses. Than what are you waiting ??? Start with losing weight immediately!