Discover Your Ancestors Origins From The Shape Of Your Feet

A recent study claims that your heritage can be revealed from the shape of your feet. Take a look at it and learn where your ancestors came from.

If you are uncertain of this, here are some facts which link the feet shape and your roots.

  • The human genome determines many physical factors including the skin, eye color, hair color, shape of the body and limbs, and even baldness;
  • According to anthropometry (the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body), human morphology depends on your heritage;
  • Some studies have found a relation between endemic tribal and family characteristics, like adermatoglyphia – lack of fingerprints;
  • All the races have mixed at some point in the past, so we must take our mixed origins into consideration. There are almost no rare or pure lineages.

Author Jane Sheehan, writer of “Let’s read our feet” offers even more clues about the link between the shape of our feet and our heritage. She wrote the following summary in UK’s The Telegraph: “It’s all about analyzing the structure and texture and imbalances of the feet to understand someone’s emotions and personality. When you are angry, how do you walk? When you are happy, how do you walk? When you are depressed, how do you walk? Each of these emotions has its corresponding walk. Over time you can see their impact on the feet. Of course, it’s not just about emotions – each of these walks also has a physiological aspect too. But I’m most interested in emotions and personality.”

Here are the five feet shapes that can reveal your origins:

Long second toe

This shape indicates leadership qualities. Many rulers from the Egyptian and Hawaiian royal lineages had this shape of feet. You are always in charge.

Last joint of the third toe at an angle

You can be a deceiving person, but you can also be misunderstood. This feet shape is often found in spies.

Extra-small little toe

This shape is a sign of a childish, playful nature.

Second toe on the left foot leaning towards big toe

This shape describes a sentimental, nostalgic nature. If this is your shape, you are sharing it with famous Hollywood actress Reece Witherspoon.

Little toe pointing at an angle

This is a sign of unconventional nature. If you can waggle your little toe, it indicates that you are restless and need constant change.