Teeth might just be the most overlooked aspects of health, be honest other than your morning routine brushing your teeth is not an activity that crosses your mind when planning out your schedule. However if you have ever bit into an apple, ice-cream bar or even a marshmallow and uttered these words, “ouch my teeth hurt” what follows below is definitely meant for you.

Brushing your teeth in the morning can be a complete hassle. It’s not that fun, it makes food taste funny for what seem like hours, and more than anything it is time consuming. But brushing your teeth is important to your physical health as well as your social statues.

Let’s face it, no one wants to hold a conversation with someone who has teeth the color of school buses or breath that puts sucks to shame.

Your teeth are important. So why use a toothpaste that contain chemicals so harsh that they basically turn your teeth into to ‘pearly white’ paper? Like many harsh chemicals, nature has provided an organic and safe alternative that gets that gets the job done.


Researchers have found that there is a natural plant product called trans-chalcone, related to chemicals found in licorice root, has been shown to help prevent bacteria in oral cavities that cause the formation of plaque and acid which lead to tooth decay.

How It Works

Brushing your teeth and using mouth wash are both excellent ways to keep your teeth clean, but, they both come with the added sided effect of enamel erosion. If you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy for as long as possible, eating foods that contain the chemical trans-chalcone is a must.

Bacteria in the mouth works by metabolizing sugars from foods and drinks and then converting these sugars into tooth decaying acids. This bacterium then creates a slick layer of biofilm on the teeth that give them a bad odor, irregular color, and a not so present, slimy feeling. Without proper care these bacteria can lead to extreme tooth decay and in some case cause halitosis.

The chemical works by blocking enzymes in the saliva that allows the bacteria that thrive in the mouth and attach themselves to teeth. Although this chemical does not give your breath a minty scent, it will effectively eliminate bad odor from your breath.

Researchers are now focused on finding a way to implement this chemical into oral hygiene products. Although it has been proven that chewing on plants like licorice root is all it takes to introduce this chemical into the body, the exact amounts at which it is most beneficial are still a mystery.

If you are looking to begin an oral hygiene regained free of harsh chemicals found in today’s products, consider chewing on a bit of licorice root. Not only does it taste great it will have your teeth cleaner than ever.