Best Foods For Burning Fat

Spending your day in the gym will not help you. But if you combine the gym with the proper food  you will see the results.

Here are some foods which will help you to lose some weight and to have sexy body:

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent tea for fat burning. It contains bioflavonoids and caffeine which helps in burning fat and weight loss. Best for you will to start your day with a couple of green tea!


I think that you know that eggs contain proteins. They are very good for our health but don’t eat more then two eggs per day.


First benefit of drinking water is that you will not drink sugar drinks . Then you should know that water help in cleaning your body from toxins and you also know that with drinking water you will stop dehydration .

Hot peppers

The best side of hot peppers is that they contain capsaicin and this substance help you to feel full  and reducing appetite.

Boiled potatoes

Potatoes could be bad for something, but boiled potatoes are  good for burning fat. Fried potatoes causes fat, but boiled potatoes are definitely good in burning fat. And when you eat boiled potatoes avoid using salt to see better results.


Everyone knows that coffee is known as a caffeine  container. A small amount of caffeine every day is not bad for our organism. But you must drink coffee in small quantities because big amount of caffeine could  be bad. And also don’t put sugar in the coffee because sugar is not good for our health.

Coconut oil

Definitely the best fat burning food! Yes it contains fatty acids but they help to us to feel  fuller for a long time. And consuming coconut oil will help us to burn more fats.

Meat and fish

People says that meat is bad for our health, but that is not a true because  meat and fish must be part of your  diet.


What to say? Nuts must be part of your diet! They are the healthiest food and helps you to fell fuller longer time and also will help you to  stay away from other unhealthy food.