Avocado – The Miracle Fruit

Fatty protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, can be found in the avocado. Eating avocado is just like having an entire meal from different types of food, and this is just one of the countless health benefits of avocados. This fruit has many health benefits and it is rich in protein (4.02 g, compared to Apple which has 0.47 grams), fiber (13.5 grams), also it contains antioxidants.

Avocados contain a lot of potassium and sodium which protects arteries from damage made from salt intake. The salt we consume in large quantities is very bad for our heart and cardiovascular system and intake of avocado eliminates the risk to a great extent.

Folic acid found in avocado fulfills 23% of daily folic acid needs and plays a major role in protecting the heart. Avocado can prevent baby anomalies and that is why pregnant woman should eat this delicious fruit.

Another strong argument for eating avocados is the fatty acids. These acids are the same like those found in olive oil and are the healthiest fats known to science that prevent breast cancer and heart disease. If you have problems with cholesterol avocado is the right answer.

Dietary consumption of avocados is also beneficial to the eyes because the fruit also contains lutein, one of over 600 carotenoids (natural pigments). This substance prevents cataracts and macular degeneration.

Lower Weight with Avocado

Health benefits of avocados are well known, but very few people know that avocados can help you in your diet. Although avocado is “fat” fruit, it is useful in weight loss.

Thanks to monounsaturated fats avocado also helps your stomach and reduces the temptation of eating chocolate and sweets. Besides that, avocados prevent diseases caused by lack of vitamins or minerals, which often occur with unbalanced diets.

Still not excited about avocado? 125 grams of avocado contains 200 calories, more than other fruits and vegetables, but less than fried potatoes, cookies and other sweets.

See the table with wealth of vitamins and minerals in large quantities in only 1 medium sized avocado.

Potassium             975 mg   Vitamin А                 293 IU
Phosphorus            105 mg Vitamin C                 20.1mg
Magnesium     58 mg Vitamin B1               0.135 mg
Calcium           24 mg Vitamin B2               0.261 mg
Sodium          14 mg Niacin (B3)               3.493 mg
Iron           1,11 mg Folic acid(B9)          63 mcg
Selenium               0,8 mcg Pantothenic acid(B5)   2.729 mg
Manganese             0,285 mg Vitamin B6                5.17 mg
Copper               0,382 mg Vitamin E                  4.16 mg
Zinc               1,29 mg Vitamin K                  42.2 mcg

Bodybuilders look for the perfect fat before and after a hard training, combined with protein shake mandatory fruit should be avocados.