Arranging your Meals for 6 Weeks to Lose Weight

Today, is the Internet-age, by it we simply means that today we like to do our things faster. We like to get our things in a better way but ofcourse in a quicker way also. As now a day’s life is going so much fast, no one likes to lag behind. For the same purpose this article can provide you the results that you are looking for i.e. “6 Weeks Fat Burning Meal Plan“.

Ist Week: The Beginning

Since its only the start of the meal plan, so it’s preferable not to try something a lot but instead make you body ease to adapt to the new “Diet Plan“that include half the amount of your carbs intake because when the carbohydrate intake is lowered, body turns to fat for energy and that’s what we all want for the first Week .The best way to implement is to half your carbohydrate portion size at meals. For e.g. instead of full plate of pasta, have half plate only, Instead of two – sugar of spoons, start having one etc. So, initially, just keep it simple.

IInd Week: The Challenge

It’s the week, when you get serious to your dieting plan and move a step more than just cutting your carbs to half. Since you have already cut down your carbs to half, the body will look for the alternative energy source. Unfortunately, muscle tissue is its first preference. So to prevent this, you need to increase your regular protein intake by 70-80 grams per day. Either adding one or two protein shakes daily or increasing your protein intake by 20-25 gram per meal can help you a lot. Like 3-4 ounces of chicken, fish, beans, legumes, cottage cheese can be good options.

IIIrd Week: Burn … Burn … Burn

With third week coming, you will start feeling the changes in your body and also its one of the toughest week of the plan as you will need to push yourself more. Since you are already on a fat – burner mode from last two weeks so it’s time to change your burner mode to next level – green tea, caffeine and evo-diamine, which boost fat-burning and make the body less efficient at storing calories as body fat. Since your body is already in the right direction, adding these can really help you to get better results.

IVth Week: Keep Burning

In this week, you don’t have to do anything new but just keep maintaining the pace and plan that you have followed till 3rdweek. Here you will start building your strength and gaining confidence about yourself and your meal plan. Also , in this week after all your hard work , in this week you can relax a bit by adding a Shredder Smoothies, Full of vitamins and nutrients, smoothies are an ultra-convenient way to eat fruits and veggies and Weight loss in a best way without any worry. You can try a “low-carb day” during this week, slash carbs to nearly a quarter of your normal intake—to increase fat-burning.

Vth Week: Almost There

Eating foods outside of the Meal plan or cheating, has gained popularity in these days. Eating whatever you want for an entire day each week keeps the metabolism hum. Cheating definitely has its place any time you’re trying to get lean, This week, on your first higher-carb day, have a burger, a couple of slices of cake. In the grand scheme of things, the extra 500-700 calories won’t put a dent in your progress. By this time you’ll have already peeled away 5-9 pounds of body fat and your metabolism will be working at a roadrunner’s pace.

By the end of this week, you will begin a Detoxify blood and eliminate toxins from your body. The detox occurs during week 5 of the 6-week plan, and many people will lose the most amount of weight during these 7 days. You’ll still eat all your three meal properly and snacks as you were doing till your 2nd week, but you’ll make additions to help stimulate detox. Every morning for breakfast, have a cup of lemon water with flaxseed oil to help fight inflammation. Full of antioxidants, these drinks will help your body fight off harmful free radicals. To aid in cleansing your liver, avoid alcohol this week.

VIth Week: Explode, Rest and Implement

Because you have pushed the body and when you keep doing it for so long , it gets adamant and does the exact reverse of what you desire to accomplish, so take a holiday for three full days this week, then get right back on the plan listed above—your body will progress.

You can keep repeating the cycle with proper instructions listed above, till you have attained your desired weight. After you have reached to your desired weight then all it need to be in maintenance phase only, which means that in every 4 weeks you choose a  week of the diet and follow its plan for 7 days, till  a period of six months, then cycle of 8 weeks afterwards. For best results you should also include some workout or exercise.