A doctor from Croatia found a cure for vitiligo

After ten years of being in the process and thousands of cured patients, doctor Renata Vukadin from Osiek finally registrated her invention i.e. a cream that can cure vitiligo. Vitiligo (lat. vitelus – coloured cow skin patches) is characterised by having a depigmented, unattractive skin.

The doctor came across this disease during her early days of working as a dermatologist. She remembers: “I was the only dermatologist in the span of 250km so I couldn’t consult anyone. I had to treat my patients the best way I could, on my own. That is how I started to research some already existent therapies for vitiligo realising they are not efficient at all. Then I discovered a study made in the USA in the 70s which made me want to find a cream with such ingredients that could help cure the disease. I found two, one Serbian and one Slovenian and by mixing those two I created this extremely efficient medicine which from the very beginning helped me cure 17 patients.”

After the war made her leave Bosnia, she moved to Croatia. Patients begged her to continue using her healing cream, however the creams she used couldn’t be found on the market.  “I found two Austrian creams with similar ingredients and with this new original combination I can proudly say that I have been succesfully curing my patients for the last 28 years” – she says.

“Nine years ago my patients were giving mi ideas on how to register my patent, which I finally did” – doctor Vukadin explains. The results of using this cream are visible after only one month use. “There is a cream that costs around 40 dollars and the results of which are visible after one year of using it, therefore you should spend more than 400 dollars for your treatment. The cream I created costs around 20 dollars and lasts for about a month, however you need only two of them since after two months use you are almost cured.” – she adds.

The doctor advises the 1-2% suffering from vitiligo to avoid sun exposure. “After registering the patent, we are aiming for the pharmako industy. The initial discussions have already been made, and this cream will hopefully start selling all over Europe. It is my personal wish is to make the hospital in Osiek a reference center for vitiligo, because we are indeed number one hospital in Croatia judging from the results. Considering the fact that I have 5 more years until I retire, I would like to register a patent for a cream for scleroderma, and the idea for the solution of this problem is already in my head” – says this doctor.