8 Ways to Make Your Fresh Foods Last Longer

The average American family throws a whopping $640 worth of food every year. The main reason is buying too much food, far more than anyone can eat. A survey shows that half of Americans throw food away every week, while ¾ throw food away monthly. In only a year, all the Americans throw away food worth $165 billion! If you want to stop this habit, here’s some advice on how to make your food last longer:


Any hard cheese like parmesan can be stored for months if it’s stored properly. Remove the wrapper from the cheese, wrap it in parchment paper and put a layer of foil over it – this will keep the cheese moist. If you notice a little mold on the cheese, cut it out and put a new wrap over the piece.


The onions should be kept in a paper bag and put in a dark, cool place. This will keep them fresh for two weeks. Another way to store them properly would be to put them in an old pantyhose, which will keep them fresh for months!


After the stems are trimmed, herbs should be put in a glass of water, just like flowers. You can also put a baggie over them and keep them in your fridge.


Berries can go bad quickly, so rinse them with some vinegar and water to prevent this from happening.


Eggs, if kept properly, can be fresh for 5 weeks. Keeping them properly means putting them in the coldest part of the fridge at the back.


Dairy products can go rancid quickly when exposed to heat. When you’re buying the products, bring a cooler with you to keep them in a cold place.


Double wrap the meat and keep it in the bottom drawer to keep it fresh for a longer period.


The green veggies can spoil fast from heat and moisture. Keep them dry in an airtight bag. Punch two small holes in the bag and put it in the fridge.

How to properly organize your fridge in order to keep the food fresh longer?

Some parts of the fridge are colder than others, and you must learn how to properly organize it so your food can be fresh for longer. Put the easily spoiled foods in the coldest areas. This info-graphic explains how to easily organize the food in your fridge. Raw meat, fish, poultry and leftovers must be kept at the bottom shelf. This will also ensure that they don’t drip and contaminate other foods.

Source: www.womendailymagazine.com