4 Most Effective Yoga Poses For Burning Fat

If you ever wonder if you can use yoga for losing weight, the answer is definitely-Yes! The weight loss is not easy for anyone. Therefore, you should have the right attitude and strength to have success in your intentions. Here we are bringing you 4 yoga poses for burning fat that will help enhance your metabolism and build up slender muscle tone.

1. Cobra Pose

Even if you are a beginner, you can get great results from this easy yoga pose, which helps tone the abs and firm the buttocks.

• Lie on the floor with your face down, with the tops of the feet flat on the floor.

• Press your hips and legs down. Put your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders.

• Lift your head, chest and upper body off the mat and straighten your arms.

• You should feel the stretch spreading along your spine.

• Hold for 5 breaths, then release.

2. Wind-Releasing Pose

This yoga pose is excellent for your abdominal area.

• While lying on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and wrap them with your hands.

• Lift your head towards your knees.

• Breathe deep, and then relax slowly.

3. Bow Pose

This is an advanced yoga pose and it can really burn fat in the time of toning your legs, arms and abdominal area.

• Lie down on the stomach. Slowly bend your knees to bring your feet towards your buttocks. Grab your ankles.

• Lift your legs, shoulders and torso off the floor.

• Hold the pose for several breaths, and then relax.

4. Warrior I Pose

You can work your arms, thighs and abs with this yoga pose.

• Standing straight, turn your left leg out by 90 degrees, and then rotate your torso and your feet to the left.

• Bend your left knee to a 90 degree angle, keeping your other leg straight.

• Raise your arms above your head, looking up at your hands.

Can yoga be effective for weight loss?

Maybe you are wondering, is it possible to lose weight with yoga. But it’s true, it really can be an efficient weight loss tool if you are committed and practice it regularly. Of course, you should know that not every type of yoga is useful for consistent weight loss. Some types don’t provide the workout that is needed for losing weight, but they are good for reducing stress and relaxation. Also, as well as any fitness program, yoga needs to be practiced regularly and intensively. Finally, it is of great importance to maintain a healthy diet combined with any workout regime.