20 Reasons Why Guava Is Truly The Ultimate Super Fruit

Guavas are plants in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) class Psidium. The expression “guava” seems to get from the Arawak (indigenous people groups of the Caribbean) guayabo “guava tree”, through the Spanish guayaba. Another term for guavas is pera, gotten from pear from Spanish or Portuguese population in the western Indian Ocean. Amrood is another term utilized as a part of Indian subcontinent and Middle East, conceivably getting from armoot signifying “pear” in Arabic and Turkish dialects. In Egypt, it is called gawafa.

By most of the botanist it is named also a berry, every guava berry is secured by an unpleasant green skin that turns yellow when ready. The mash inside occurs in shades of white, pink, or red with various small, semi-hard consumable seeds. When it is ready to eat like most of the characteristic fruits it has rich flavor with sweet-tart taste.

The early Spanish wayfarers of the 1500′s discovered Strawberry Guava, ‘Acca sellowiana O.,’ developing as a local tree in America, where they were solidly settled from Mexico southward to Peru. They are local to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Guavas are presently developed and naturalized all through the tropics and subtropics in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, subtropical districts of North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Spain.


1. Diminishes Diarrhea & Dysentery: Astringents, in guava, are basic in nature and have disinfectant and hostile to bacterial properties, repressing microbial development and expelling additional body fluids from the digestion tracts. Different supplements, for example, vitamin-C, Carotenoids and potassium, reinforce and tone the digestive system.

2. Eye Care: Vitamin A or retinol eases off the presence of waterfalls, macular degeneration, and averts debasement of visual perception and night sightlessness.

3. Brain Health: Guavas contain Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 (niacin and pyridoxine), which helps in enhancing blood course to the brain, unwinding your nerves and animating cognitive capacity.

4. Controls thyroid gland: Guavas contain the follow component Copper which manages thyroid digestion system, serving to control hormone generation and retention.

5. Diabetics cure: Rich in fiber and with a low glycemic index, guavas, help to manage the assimilation of sugar by the body and can be devoured for avoidance and cure of Type 2 diabetes.

6. Effective Laxative: Constipation is brought about when sustenance is stuck in our colon. Guava, super rich in fiber, supports the body in holding water and altogether cleaning your digestion systems and excretory system.

7. Nervous Relaxant: Guava is magnesium rich nourishment which goes about as an anxious relaxant. It serves to relax muscles and nerves of the body.

8. For pregnant moms: Guavas contain Folic corrosive, or Vitamin B-9, which is prescribed for pregnant ladies since it can help in building up the embryo’s nervous system and protect the infant from neurological issue.

9. For Fertility: Guavas contain great measure of Folate which helps to support fertility among people.

10. Speeds Absorption: Being rich in Manganese, Guavas help the body in snappy retention of key supplements like biotin, vitamins, and minerals from the sustenance that we eat.

11. Immune Booster: Vitamin C gives a tremendous support in cell reinforcements, which are the real lines of safeguard against the expansion of free radicals in the body.

12. Infection Control: Relieves hacks and colds by lessening bodily fluid, purifying the respiratory tract, throat and lungs, and restraining microbial movement with its astringent properties.

13. Supports Weight loss: Guava is extremely rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals and has no cholesterol and a low number of edible sugars.

14. Cancer Cure: Being rich in Vitamin C and cancer prevention agents like Lycopene, eating guavas can shield your cells from harm and lessen possibilities of prostate, bosom, and oral malignancies.

15. Skin health care: Vitamins, minerals and supplements, in conjunction with Guava’s astringent property, help keep your skin conditioned, hydrated, enhances versatility, evacuates flaws, pimple inflammation, dull spots, clogged pores, wrinkles and pimples.

16. Scurvy Buster: An inadequacy of vitamin-C can bring about scurvy, and legitimate admission of super vitamin-C rich guavas are the best solution for this perilous sickness.

17. Anti- aging: Guavas are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and potassium which are great cell reinforcements and detoxifiers. Lycopene and carotene shield the sound cells from poisons and UV beams rendering your skin wrinkles free.

18. Circulatory strain Stabilizer: Potassium in Guava serves to lessen cholesterol in the blood and keeps it from thickening, in this way keeping up the smoothness of blood and decreasing pulse.

19. Battles Hair Loss: Rich in vitamin C, guava aides advance sound hair development. It additionally helps in battling male pattern baldness issues.

20. Oral Care: The juice of guava leaves has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums & oral ulcers, and the juice accelerates the mending force of wounds when connected remotely.

Symptoms and Precautions:

No symptoms have been accounted for unreasonable utilization of guava. However natural supplements got from the plant and organic products need to be taken under restorative supervision.