12 Things Nobody Told You About Vagina

All the lovely women out there, we have collected some essential things about the vagina. It’s not usually a subject, we talk about amongst our friends and we are too embarrassed to seek a professional. It is the most intimate part of a woman’s body and she should embrace it, lovingly taking care of it rather ignoring it out of shyness.

1. Vulva variety

You need to know about your vagina that there is no right and wrong to ‘look’. Vulva are the outer lips of your vagina and vulva of every woman differ. Start embracing your shape, all vulva are beautiful, they might be plump, curvy vulva or thin, elegant vulva.

2. Pee is for penis.

It is well known that men urinate through their penis. However, women do not urinate through their vagina. Urethral opening is under clitoris and above the vaginal opening, that is from where your bladder empties.

3. Clots are normal

Menstrual blood does not flow like the blood elsewhere in the body because the ‘blood’ is actually uterine lining. In order to make it a safe and healthy home for a fetus, the womb lining is rich with blood in readiness. Clotted blood is normal during your period unless the clots are large, heavy and bleeding is prolonged.

4. Fall out

One of the facts that you may not know that your vagina may ‘fall out’. Your vagina may turn inside out and hang between your legs, this is called pelvic prolapse. But don’t worry, it can be corrected.

5. Discharge is normal too.

Discharge through vaginas is completely natural, but there is no need to worry if you don’t have any. The amount of discharge varies greatly from woman to woman and also varies at different times during the menstrual cycle. It is best to seek medical help if you have itching, burning and odor together with discharge.

6. Musclebound

Your vagina is a muscle that contracts and stretches, so if you don’t use them, you lose them. Regular sex can be a good workout. Vagina muscle is incredibly stretchy for birthing, this can leave you feeling loose. Vaginal exercises can do wonders, if your vagina isn’t as tight as you like.

7. Like a virgin.

Losing your virginity is a one time only offer. Sorry girls but one it is gone it stays gone.

8. To douche or not to douche

Your vagina has a signature smell that is unique to you and there is no need to douche. If you douche because of a strong odor accompanied by discharge, it can be a sign of infection, so instead seek a medical help. Vagina’s own lubrication ensures that it stays clean and healthy, with a little outside assistance.

9. Lubrication

A dry vagina can make sex uncomfortable so it is quite normal to use lubrication during sex. Synthetics like KY Jelly or natural ones like Astroglide, which is made from coconut oil are some lubricants generally used.

10. Ouch

Your vagina is that it is specifically designed for sex, so you should not feel pain while having sex. Do not suffer in silence while having sex, it is better to see your gynecologist or MD.

11. Female orgasm

A few women attain orgasm purely from penetration and not every woman experiences it. Orgasm is usually generated by perfect position during penetration or by clitoral stimulation.

12. Sex is healty

Apart from putting a smile on your face, it can also reduce your risk of heart disease, bolster your immune system, reduce your risk of breast cancer, improve your fitness, help you sleep, lower stress levels, make you appear more youthful and improve your self-esteem.

Source: www.allwomenstalk.com