10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Masturbation In Women

Stress reliever
Not just providing satisfaction, masturbation can also relieve stress. Studies say that masturbation reduces the stress up to 75%, leaving you with a happy and peaceful feeling.

Improves heart health
Regular masturbation decreases the risk of all cardiovascular diseases. It also improves your heart health which indirectly increases your lifespan.

Relieves menstrual cramps
Excruciating pains in the lower abdomen are commonly observed every month, before and during the menstruation. Research says that masturbating 3-4 times a week can help reduce the menstrual cramps up to 50%, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Prevent cervical infections
If a woman regularly masturbates, she is keeping her cervix and vagina healthy. In fact, she is also reducing the risk of cervical cancer.

Cures UTI
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a very common problem in women.  Many researchers have revealed that masturbation helps in decreasing the chances of contracting UTI. Apparently, ‘self-pleasuring’ helps in flushing out all the bacteria from the vagina and urethra.

Gives you a better sleep
Masturbation offers feelings of relaxation and contentment. It expels out all the pent up stress and anxiety. With a relaxed mood,  women can have a sleep more sound than the sleeping beauty.

Enhances your sex life
Masturbation helps you to discover your body. This makes you confident and outspoken when it comes to exploring sex positions and trying various sexual activities with your partner.

Raises your self-esteem
There is nothing wrong in masturbation. Falling in love with your own body is not at all a wrong deed. In fact, masturbation makes you aware of your own body, which in turn gives you confidence and make you feel proud of your body.

Quite safe
Masturbation is a very safe medium of getting sexual pleasure, where you are not bothered about getting pregnant or developing STDs.

Keeps your body sexually active
If you are in a long relationship with your partner then masturbation can bridge the gap between the two. It makes you sexually active and mentally relaxed, resulting in a stronger love bond with your partner. In fact, it also decreases the chances of cheating on your partner.