Diuresis is a physiological process which helps your body eliminate toxins, excess of fluids and metabolic substances which your body does not need. The process of elimination of toxins or detoxication, might be helped by some foods which will naturally stimulate it and therefore lead us to normal homeostasis. Excess fluids’ presence, leads us to higher blood pressure, another problem which detoxication will solve it!

Here are the 10 foods we share with you for better detoxication, natural weight lose and lower the high blood pressure!

WATERMELON – one of the most powerful diuretics. Eat watermelon and clean your body out of toxins.

LEMON – Natural antioxidant, helps us prevent weight gain and high blood pressure by cleaning our body out of oxids during metabolic processes.  Squize half a lemon in a glass of water and refresh your body and mind!

GINGER – Powerful food which leads to all these gains, by improving slow motility symptoms, gastroparesis,  colic  and constipation.

CRANBERRY JUICE – these vitamin bombs not only nurish your bodywith the vitamins and minerals necessary for its health, but also they are in a group of foods which help you detox! Mix this juice with some other taste and reduce its natural tartness.

CARROTS – When we talk about carrots, this orange food main aim is to treat our eye health, but little do we now about the amount of water it contains. Yes, enough water to make us urinate more, and therefore detox!

GARLIC – This Antioxidant, Antifungal, Antibacterial food has many benefits over our health, one of which is lower blood pressure. Consume it more often and solve your blood pressure problem!

 CUCUMBER – Hydrating vegetable from our garden, just like …

TOMATO – mix these green and red foods and make a hydrating salad helpful for detox processes!

GREEN TEA – “True mother nature gift” when talking to benefits it has! Weight loss, reduce of blood   pressure, antioxidant, detox, mind cleaner, better concentration etc…

OATS – represents a cereal which can be consumed in many ways: they can be found as an oatmeal or oat flour, they can be eaten as an oat porridge with milk or water, in cookies, mixed with vegetables or fruits etc.