10 Herbs That Kills Tumor And Cancer !

As everyone knows we use herbs for most of the diseases.  Herbs are also used and in medicine . They have positive effect on relieving various diseases, including the most dangerous ones – tumors and cancers .  Reading this article you will find our why is good for you to include more herbs in your diet and stay cancer free just by avoiding some foods.

Number One- Garlic

You still don’t know the healing properties of the garlic ?  Garlic contains sulfur compounds which may stimulate the immune system’s natural defenses against cancer . Also garlic is good in reducing tumors growth.  Healthy properties of the garlic are proven by many studies . For that we will  tell you one example about one study. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition is a long-going multinational study that involves male and female participants from 10 different countries, and it inspects effects of nutrition on cancer. The study revealed that high intake of garlic was associated with reduced risk of intestinal cancer. Consumption of garlic is also linked with a colon, esophagus, pancreas, and based cancer prevention. Therefore, to reduce chances of developing tumor or cancer, include garlic into your meals.  And what to tell you ? It is proven that this herb is healthy and delicious.

Number Two- Milk Thistle

You still trying to find the best herb for cancer prevention? That is milk thistle ! Milk thistle and seeds from the plant eliminate toxins that might connect to the liver, including cancer. Also, milk thistle has anti-tumor properties as well . People in Europe  and many other countries and laces, use this plant to treat many diseases. In  United States and countries around this plant is used as a dietary supplement  and for nothing else.

Number Three- Turmeric

I think that you already know the healing properties of turmeric. Consuming a teaspoon of turmeric per day will make you feel better and improve your overall health.  Also as we told on the top of this article this plant is very good in preventing form cancer and tumors. Many studies show that turmeric is good in  decreasing the risk of getting cancer. Also turmeric is good in preventing cancer and tumors of spreading and growing.

Number Four- Bloodroot

For this herb we don’t have many words. It benefit is destroying cancer. This is proven by many scientists.  Also this herb is used in medicine like Black Salve which is medicine known like medicine of treating cancer diseases.

Number Five- Feverfew

This plant is very famous. It is known for battling a fever, hence the name, and relieving the pain associated with a migraine. One study done on  one University in New York shows that feverfew has benefits which helps in killing of leukemia cells. Cancer researcher Harikrishna Nakshatri and his team from Breast Cancer Research at Indiana University’s School of Medicine discovered that feverfew has the ability to prevent breast cancer from spreading and also to reduce lung cancer.

Number Six- Cayenne Pepper

This plant is used from many people who likes spicy food. But many of this people don’t know the healthy benefits of this plant. People who use this plant for spicing their food have a little  chance to get cancer!  Cayenne pepper is a strong antioxidant and clinical studies conducted in England, Japan, and the United States revealed that capsaicin causes of cancer cells to undergo apoptosis. Apoptosis is a type of cellular self-termination. This means that cayenne peeper is toxic for cancer cells ! Than what you wait ? Spice up your food and stay healthy !

Number Seven- Wheatgrass

Some studies shows  that  consumption of a tiny glass of wheatgrass once a day proved to be health-boosting for both cancer and non-cancer participants . This plant is good  for people who suffers from  many effects of the cancer .  Wheatgrass purifies the blood, increases oxygen levels, and strengthens your body to fight off cancer successfully .

Number Eight-Ruscus Aculeautus

This plant is not famous but you maybe know it like a  Butcher’s Broom. Active ingredients from this herb, ruscogenins, have tumor-shrinking and anti-estrogenic properties, which is why this herb is used in breast cancer treatment . This Ingredient increase the cancer fighting cells.

Number Nine- Sheep’s sorrel

People really don’t know the healthy benefits of this plant. But trust us this plant really have healthy benefits such as : killing cancer cells, helps in treatment of tumor etc. You have probably heard of the Essiac tea that became popular due to cancer-curing properties. Well, we just want to tell you that this tea contains sheep’s sorrel.

Number Ten-  Astragalus

Another plant which is helpful in treatments against cancer. This herb comes from China where it is known for its numerous health benefits, including cancer-fighting properties. This is confirmed whith many studies, for example, scientists from the University of Texas have revealed that cancer patients who received Astragalus had twice the survival rate of patients who received placebo. This herb is versatile and works perfectly with other herbs to fight off cancer. Another study is made in Italy and this study shows that  this herb decrease the risk to get breast cancer from 50 percent to 10  percent !